Are glass light fixtures recyclable?

The main part of each lamp is brass, aluminum, copper or other metal. Inside the accessory there are copper wires covered with plastic or rubber. Most luminaires have glass or paper shades, which cannot be recycled. Local recycling centers also accept lamps and ceiling fans.

Check with your county to make sure they accept the specific items you want to donate. The following salvage companies accept bathroom accessories in good condition. Please call ahead to check hours, rates and items accepted. There is no guarantee that items will be accepted.

The metal parts of the luminaires can be accepted by a scrap metal recycler for exchange. Most bulbs are made of glass, and glass is one of the easiest materials on the planet to recycle. So, recycling bulbs should be an easy and effective way to top off the ecology when you switch to more energy efficient bulbs, right? Not quite. Each type of bulb is different and requires different considerations for disposal.

So let's take a look at how to properly recycle old or broken bulbs. The glass and metal used in LED bulbs are recyclable. Like any glass or metal product, the best practice is to reuse and recycle these finite, non-renewable resources to the extent possible to conserve Earth's resources and reduce unnecessary waste.

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