What is a garbage box called?

A garbage bin, also known as a trash can, trash can and trash can, is a type of bin that is usually made of metal or plastic. The words garbage, basket and bin are more common in the use of British English; trash and can are more common in American English. The item shown here is called a garbage storage shed. It doesn't really look like a shed at all, but it's more like a lockable garbage can.

This is a large container where you can place your garbage bags to keep them until the day of garbage collection. It's a way to keep bags safe and out of the way until they can be disposed of properly. You might see something like this in an office or apartment building, or it could also be a utility car that people use when they work in their garden. American is a large, deep container with a lid that stays outside to hold garbage that is ready to be picked up.

In addition to the garbage can against the garbage can, Americans use words like garbage bags and garbage can to describe their waste. Garbage collectors or garbage collectors drive garbage trucks to collect garbage bags in garbage bins or recyclable and recycling bins.

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