Can you put lamps in a dumpster?

Ordinary incandescent bulbs generally do not contain harmful chemicals. However, there are several bulbs that contain chemicals, such as fluorescent bulbs and CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs. However, even ordinary halogen or incandescent bulbs can break when thrown away. Any flammable material such as propane, gasoline, oil or fuel tanks cannot be thrown into a garbage container.

Improper disposal of highly combustible materials is a serious safety hazard and illegal in most areas. Contact your local fire department or hazardous waste collector to find out how to properly dispose of flammable items. Certain items cannot be thrown into a dumpster due to safety hazards or local regulations. Not sure if you can put a particular item in your rolling container? Please refer to the list below or call us at 855-747-5943 to find out what is accepted in your area.

CFLs and bulbs contain mercury. If greater amounts of mercury continue to be exposed to the environment, our environment will become toxic. Often, when bulbs are thrown into garbage cans, they break and release mercury. But if they don't break, the mercury remains intact.

Recycling, therefore, is a safe way to dispose of most of our electronic waste. You should never throw a fluorescent tube or old light bulbs in the trash. The fragile nature of bulbs means that when they are thrown into the trash, they will surely break and release the mercury inside. This mercury can leak into nearby soil and eventually reach nearby water sources.

Therefore, broken bulbs are not good at all. Fluorescent Tubes and Hazardous Waste You should never throw a fluorescent tube or old light bulbs in the trash.

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